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RoofGuard Programs

Our RoofGuard programs provide comprehensive inspections, maintenance, and reporting to help protect your roof that protects everything below. Our programs provide safety and security, knowing when a leak happens, it can be identified and repaired quickly and, in most cases, prevent significant damage saving you thousands of dollars.


Bi-Annual Plan

RoofGuard Plus

Quarterly Plan

Saving money for commercial roofing projects
Protecting commercial roofs through maintenance programs
Roofing tax credits through roof maintenance programs
Commercial roofing support plans for Graystone Construction

Save money and damages.

Our Maintenance Plan provides a systematic and professional service for property owners and facility managers to ensure their commercial roof system is maintained and documented. This can ensure the warranty remains in effect and extend the life expectancy of your roof system.


Keep your roof warranty valid.

Warranties require a roof to be inspected annually by a certified roofing contractor. This inspection documents the condition of the roof system every year. Also, it provides a proactive opportunity to prevent future costly leak issues for property owners, businesses, and/or tenants.


Tax Deductible

Any roof maintenance plan expenditures and services are tax deductible. 

Claim Support

Well-kept, detailed records can help maintain lower premiums and reduce the likelihood of a future claim being denied.

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